A World of Meaning in Just Six Words…

A Brief Exercise in Trying to Do More With Less.

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Image Credits: Pixabay.com/user:kaboompics

I put a lot of mental effort into my last piece on my love of the German band Silbermond, so I felt like I needed to have a little fun with something simple for a change.

My man Will Hull seems to enjoy laying down his poetic mojo with this short-form six-word poetry challenge that’s going around, this one being a recent example:

So I though I’d take a crack at it and produce a list of six-word poems to express relevant ideas pertinent to my life.

  1. On the subject of consuming porn -

“I saw. I came. I wept.”

2. On the subject of nostalgia -

“I miss the classic, colorful Tuperware.”


“My desire might ruin the planet.”

3. On the subject of reality television -

“Garbage goes in, garbage comes out.”

4. On the subject of political corruption -

“Watch the parasites consume our Democracy.”

5. On the subject of Cancel Culture -

“Only the childish refuse to mature.”

6. On the subject of extreme sexual harassment -

“Bad boys need toys taken away.”


“Yes, castration works. Never suggest otherwise.”

7. On the subject of self-righteous religious pronouncements -


8. On the subject of hollow celebrity culture -

“Don’t be fooled by scented shit.”


“Cults can exist absent a religion.”

9. On the subject of clear communication -

“Cna Yuo Raed Em Nwo, Fernid?”