Apples, Corn, Tomatoes and Soy — A Poem

These are a few of my least favorite foods.

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I’m taking a moment to follow on from a prompt by Will Hull — himself prompted by Lucy Dan 蛋小姐 (she/her/她) — on the matter of poems about less desirable foods.

Here are their entries from The Brain is a Noodle publication if you prefer to inspect the chain of literary custody yourself.

I don’t like tomatoes, but I’ll eat them in a red sauce,
so long as the taste is covered by many spices and the lot.
Their taste alone is just off-putting
and the texture itself a bit unnerving.
No thanks to tomatoes. I’d prefer it if they were tossed.

Apples as well, are some of my least favorite things.
They’re cheap, mostly tasteless and unable to sate me.
I wouldn’t reject an apple on offer,
but they’re mostly just balls of sugar
and I don’t need more of that lest I encourage diabetes.

Corn…my lord…so much of that yellow stuff where I live.
Maize is abundant here but it’s beneath me, my friend.
I’ve not eaten it in many years
nor will I again absent hunger’s tears.
Always be wary of that which returns whole from the end.

Soy again, too many bean farms here where I reside,
the products of which I find incompatible with my diet.
I am quite fond of having number two’s
not nearly as fluid as the yellow’s I let loose
When on the throne, paying homage to porcelain sprites.

These are a just a fare few of my least favorite foods,
not to be carelessly, recklessly or dismissively rude.
These I just can’t abide
and would rather set aside
to make way for tastier, more agreeable things to consume.

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