Fuck You, Brandon!!!

A Few Thoughts on the Absurdity of Petty Right-Wingers.

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Image Credits: Collage Edit by Author. Base Image: Pixabay.com/user:OpenClipart-Vectors

When Hilary Clinton was denied the presidency in 2016, a lot of Left-Wingers screamed FUCK TRUMP at the top of their lungs or did other things to protest the robbery of the election for one of THEE most qualified people ever to run for the office. And yes, for all of you naysayers out there, a former two-term Senator and Secretary of State who had decades of experience living along side her husband (himself a former Governor AND President) was HIGHLY qualified for the position. That walking anal cyst of an intestinal parasite called Trump WAS NOT qualified in any way, shape or form.

And now we live in 2021, in the midst of a pandemic, made all the worse by the willful ignorance of people who prefer to pontificate on their ‘rights and freedoms’ rather than giving a shit about the safety of their fellow citizens. In the midst of all this ignorance, there has emerged a ‘lovely’ little expression on the part of the Right, which emerged at a NASCAR event (surprise, surprise), and which reads as “Let’s Go, Brandon”, a veiled euphemism for ‘Fuck Joe Biden’.

Not content to leave this absurdity stewing in the hate cauldron of small-mind ‘Murica, a diverse set of petty, childish people have begun using it as a way to ‘own the libs’ and take one back for their side. It’s even gone so far as the floor of Congress, where Bill Posey (R-FL) used it to close a speech against Biden’s Build Back Better agenda, where he intimated, in addition to employing obvious Right-Wing distortions of fact, that the people he knows, who are soooo pissed off, who are going to take their power back in the mid-terms want the Left to help put America back where it was and leave it the hell alone.

What this twerp obviously can’t get straight is that societies change over time, they all do, and our society has changed because of the pandemic, a pandemic Trump only made worse by his political corruption, and there is no going back. We have a GREAT RESIGNATION occurring among the lower orders because they are tired of being at the mercy of corporations who wont pay a living wage for the shit work corporate heads demand of others. We have a Black subculture trying to maintain a sense of dignity in the face of a massive assault on their lives, Civil Rights and…