Goodbye Cruel World

I have better things to do than accept you as you are.

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It’s not you…it’s me…no wait…it is you and YOU SUCK!

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It’s time for me to bow out of this relationship. Well…actually, it was time a long time ago, but it’s difficult to talk to you when you are so self-absorbed that you can’t take seriously even the most benign critiques of your behavior. I lay awake most nights wondering why you can’t be more self-aware, why you can’t be trusted to be the adult in the room and more often tend to act more childish than the vast majority of children alive today.

I mean, why should I tolerate your embrace of reality television, your glorification of people with repugnant personalities who have nothing worthwhile to contribute to the human condition, when I find it much more rewarding and valid to discover a more realistic portrait of reality through the study of history and what it has to say about human nature…?

Why should I accept your enthusiasm for Anime when the animators who produce the products over which you salivate are exploited by their bosses beyond any rational definition of what is reasonable where it regards labor practices, not unlike when Walt Disney began shafting his animators during the mid-20th Century when his company faced a potential financial downturn…? Passive exploitation is STILL exploitation no matter what benign spin you put on your preferred behavior.

And as for your fetish for trinkets and knick-knacks…what good does it serve to own a mini-statuette with exaggerated features, which represents your most treasured of pop-culture interests, and which serves no useful purpose beyond filling shelf space…and eventually a cozy spot in a landfill…?

Furthermore, I have no sympathy for the fact that you feel pain at my not having watched your favorite film when you have never taken the time to consider what value there is in reading great classics like Milton’s Paradise Lost, learning the meditative benefits of a practice like Tai Chi, or examining the life and creative history of a modern artist like Frida Kahlo.

And let’s not even get started on video gaming… Sitting on your ass for twelve days in a row trying to reach level 10 is nothing to be proud of. And, for…