What Freedom Means…

Here’s a Hint — It’s More than Paying Lip Service to Responsibility while Taking Extreme Individual Liberties.

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3 min readApr 14, 2021


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(Originally Written Summer 2020)

Welcome to the United States of America, a place where you are FREE;

free to be responsible by learning to place greater importance on the safety and well-being of your fellow citizens, by suppressing your own selfish desires when the situation calls for it;

free to understand that you have an obligation to be something better than ‘human’ if you are required to wield an instrument of death as a requirement of your job;

free to see that war is evil and not at all necessary, and that the real heroes are not those trained to take life, but rather the doctors who save lives, the diplomats to work for common understanding and the aid workers who give of themselves tirelessly to elevate the plight of the marginalized and the needy;

free to realize that a theory is NOT hypothetical and that scientific experts have better information regarding a public health crisis than your average talking head spouting nonsense on the television;

free to fathom also that conspiracy mongers would be minor experts in their own right if only they had done their due diligence and discerned factual truth before vomiting up sensational garbage;

free to grasp the toxicity inherent in many of the often misleading messages being transmitted to us via the tropes of popular culture, how they are doing more harm than good, and that we can be better by rejecting much of what the producers of the content enveloping these messages offer merely for the sake of their own jaded financial interests;

free to accept that gender, ethnicity and sexual orientation are not viable measures of the worth of an individual’s basic humanity, but that the character of a person (as defined by traits such as Wisdom or Compassion or Willingness to Aid) makes for a better barometer of humanity;

free to learn that just because politicians are elected to represent the people, it does not follow that they inherently serve WE THE PEOPLE, and that it is the duty of all of us to guarantee that the guardians we…



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